Saturday, March 8, 2008

Temporary Post for a Busy, Busy Week, 2-8 March

2 March through 8 March have been extremely busy and full of interesting events, Ugandan style. Unfortunately the electricity has been out since a thunderstorm on Thursday and was just put back in service tonight (8 March). It’s quite possible there won’t be enough time to report any of this until after the trip home. Tomorrow is packing day; then dinner with His Grace and his staff. Monday is an early get-up with meetings in Kampala and Entebbe. Tuesday is another early day with a 7:15 flight that starts the trip home. Looking forward to seeing everyone and getting home. I’ll also miss some wonderful people and an exotic land of contrasts and contradictions.

While these days aren’t written up yet, here is an outline of topics:

2 March – 5 March
Travelled to Kampala – saw more of the communities and some of the nicer things
Stayed at ??????????? Institute next to American Embassy
Msgr John Kauta – 8:00
Minister of State Mtg 9:30
Need attendee list
Write report
Phone calls to set up meetings and gather info
Helen Holm
Dinner at the Commonwealth – 2x through security
Army presence
International conference
Kofi Annan
Engineer Aaron
GIS Meeting
Water Resource Maps
Survey and Mapping in Entebbe
Finding the place
10000 ush per map!
No discount
Mtg in Kampala
Lunch at
Met Episcopal Priests from Birmingham, Alabama who used EWTN grounds, working in western Uganda at the epicenter of an Ebola outbreak
The Bank
Payment for maps
The trip home to Tororo
Supper kept by His Grace until 10 PM

6 March 2008
Folding maps
What would Archbishop Lote do with $10,000,000?
Thunderstorm and no power

7 March 2008
No power, battery backup not working in my office, computer battery dead
Visit to St. Peter’s College – secondary school
Visit to St Jude’s Chuch in Busitema, Father Charles Opondo-Owora’s home church
No water either

8 March 2008
Mass in the cathedral attended by 75 or 100 high school boys – on their own on a Saturday
Womens’ Day in Uganda
Ironing with a charcoal iron!
Review of plan concepts for St Jude’s church in Busitema
More detailed inspection of St Jude’s for possible expansion
A traditional wedding, complete with 6 goats, 5 cows and many other bride price gifts
Dinner at the convent – delightful African Sisters
The power is back!